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Following Pastor Paul Jackson's retirement at the end of January 2019, Gateway Baptist Church has entered into a period of interegnum.  Interegnum, literally, means 'between reigns' but that doesn't mean we view a pastor as a king!  It simply means that we generally assume we will be appointing a new pastor in due course and that we are in the process of seeking God for our next step. While we pray for God to bring the right person to fill the role we also believe that somewhere out there is a person praying for the right role to fill. We are in God's hands and, although we have no idea how long we will remain in the process, we know we can trust Him to lead us and to provide for all that we need.

We value your prayers as we adjust to our new situation, and for the leaders as they stand in the gap, picking up responsibilities they might not have originally stepped up for!



The Elders’ function is to exercise spiritual and pastoral oversight. In the New Testament there is the recognition that these should be Christian men of mature faith who are set apart to supervise the work of the church.


Deacons & Ministry Streams

Here at Gateway we apply the name Deacon to the members of our team of men and women who are set apart by the Church Family to be the practical executors of the church’s vision.

We have divided all the work of the church in to Ministry Streams (listed here ), each headed by one of the deacons.

Each Stream seeks to provide opportunities for GBC members to explore their gifts and talents in service and to offer different ways in which church members can help fulfill the church’s vision.



Administration may initially sound boring, but it was never supposed to be. Indeed, it is listed as one of the spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:28

Administrative Office
Barn House, Station Road, Burgess Hill
West Sussex, RH15 9EQ, England

Telephone: +44 (0)1444 233050
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