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We meet at our main building in Station Road each Sunday morning and evening and also in home groups (known as Reachout Groups) during the week.


Paul Jackson was born in London in 1953 and at the age of seven moved to the cockney playground of Southend-on-Sea in Essex where he grew up, went to school, married and set up home with his wife Sara.



The Elders’ function is to exercise spiritual and pastoral oversight. In the New Testament there is the recognition that these should be Christian men of mature faith who are set apart to supervise the work of the church.


Deacons & Ministry Streams

Here at Gateway we apply the name Deacon to the members of our team of men and women who are set apart by the Church Family to be the practical executors of the church’s vision.

We have divided all the work of the church in to Ministry Streams (listed below), each headed by one of the deacons.

Each Stream seeks to provide opportunities for GBC members to explore their gifts and talents in service and to offer different ways in which church members can help fulfill the church’s vision.



Administration may initially sound boring, but it was never supposed to be. Indeed, it is listed as one of the spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:28


Prayer is the life-breath of any church. It is where and how we build an ongoing relationship with God, both in our personal lives and in our community life as a church.

Pastoral Support

Pastoral Care is concerned with the pursuit and encouragement of the well-being of every church member, and for the emotional and spiritual building up of the church family.



What do we mean by ‘nurture’? Jesus says that when we become his disciples we start life all over again. We become like babies needing to grow and discover all the wonderful things of life connected with our heavenly Father. You would not leave a ordinary baby all on its own to look after itself, and neither should we treat new disciples any differently.


Baptism & Membership

A Christian is someone who wishes to carry out the teaching and will of Jesus Christ as they see it expressed in the bible. “If you love me you will obey my commandments.” (John 14:15) are the words of Jesus to those who would follow him as disciples. This is not sentimental, emotional love. In loving God we are called to make Him our priority in all we would do. Therefore, Jesus is saying that if we claim to love (put Him first) then we will show this in our lives by obeying His commands. One of those commands is to be baptised.

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