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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                              March 2018    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days


















1st PTL for a successful surprise celebration for my dad, for safe journeys, for family reunions and good memories made.  PTL for snow J

2nd Pray for me as I travel today to Turkey to visit my friend and fellow missionary Corinne. Pray we will be a good encouragement for each other and for good rest and refreshment for me.

3rd. Pray for the rescue of the 110 girls recently kidnapped from their school in NE Nigeria by Boko Horam. For comfort for the families and for the military to work hard to find them.

4th Pray for the churches in the NE as they meet today. Pray for EMS Missionaries working in these areas, often at risk and for good education for their children in predominantly M. areas.

5th Pray for all the short -term missionaries working with us at the moment. Pray that God will use them mightily and they will be changed forever as a result of serving in Nigeria. Kate, Jess, Brianna, Anne, Claire and Fabian.

6th Elizabeth Luka was not able to go back to her family last month due to a crisis in her family. Pray for her as she begins some more work experience in Jos. Pray for her to have a good attitude and that she learns a lot.

7th Pray for Ruth as she manages the chickens, fish and rabbits. She told me that it has always been her dream to keep animals J Pray she will be encouraged by the results of her labour.

8th Pray for the girls in school as they prepare for exams. Pray they will do their best and that they concentrate well.

Pray for Fransisca as she holds the fort in my absence.

9th Pray for all the girls as they continue to farm and prepare the land in readiness for the rains. Pray for Alex and Talatu as they manage the farm and the girls.

10th Pray for Rejoice as she recovers from trauma at home. PTL for a successful prosecution of her abusers and some closure for her. Pray that, with counselling, she will recover well.

11th Pray for our SIM missionaries working in Kano and looking into opportunities to reaching out to M. in the north and north east. Especially for Adena and Randy, Martin and Lid.

12th PTL that Zainab is able to do an apprentiship in Bassa in tailoring. She is really enjoying it and learning fast. Pray for her preparations for her university entrance exam next month.

13th Pray for our house parent vacancy. We are making progress, but still haven’t appointed anyone to join our team. We await God’s timing and for Him to send the right person.

14th Pray for our boys Transition House as they seek to rent a piece of land to farm. Pray they will be motivated to grow their own food and learn how to farm.


15th Pray for Mama Mary as she teaches our vocational girls at home. Pray she will maintain her enthusiasm and be encouraged by their progress.

16th I travel back to Jos today. Pray for a smooth journey and good reunions.


17th Pray for me as I settle back in to my responsibilities. May I be a good encouragement to others and that I will be encouraged myself by the progress of the building project in my absence.

18th Pray for all Christians in Nigeria today as they meet. Pray they will encourage each other to live out their beliefs throughout the next week

19th Pray for us, as we have several bids in for local funding opportunities. Pray we will be successful and that we will find future funding for our education needs.


20th Pray for us as we prepare for the girls’ retreat next weekend. Pray that we will enjoy the preparation and have good ideas. 

21st Pray for the continued safety of all of our missionaries from kidnapping and armed robberies. Pray for safety on the roads and in our compounds.

22nd Pray for Elisha as he manages all of the children’s ministry. He has a lot of responsibility and there are many children.

23rd Pray for the Cornerstone school in Gyero, for the teachers and kids to enjoy school, to learn well and for good results. Pray they will be successful in their bid to local government to hold their own exams this year.

24th Pray for Uncle Sunday as he leads the school and for Ruth as she encourages him and trains the teachers. Pray for them both as they keep the teachers accountable and working to a high standard.

25th Pray for me today to have a good Sabbath rest, so that I might spend quality time with God and hear what He is saying to me.

26th Pray for good rest for our girls as they are on holiday this week. Pray also that we will use the time well to catch up on farming.

27th Pray for Elizabeth Bitrus as she continues on her teaching practice in Bauchi. PTL she is doing well . Pray she will be a good example to others around her and will grow as a person.

28th Pray for Alheri Yakubu, a former girl who is now teaching at Cornerstone school J Pray she will learn a lot while she is there and save money towards her future studies.

29th Pray into the on-going troubles between Fulani herdsman and local farmers in the Miango area.  Pray for peace to come, for comfort to those who are mourning lost ones and an end to the violence.

30th Today, we have an Easter retreat for our 42 teenage girls, run by our short-term missionaries. Pray that, as we celebrate Easter together, we will have special times and learn lots.

31st Pray for Anne as she leads the teaching sessions on healthy womanhood. Pray the girls will be attentive and that they will be challenged to go deeper in their faith and friendships with one another.



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