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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                    August  2019











1st Praise The Lord that I have been back a month now and have settled well. Praise Him that my health has been good and I have had no issues.

I was warmly welcomed back and feel very much at home.

2nd Today we are interviewing for teachers to join our school at Bassa. Pray we will have wisdom and discernment to know whom God would have us employ. Pray for stamina as we interview plenty.

3rd Praise the Lord that our four girls are graduating today from Secondary School and all have had good success in their examinations J Pray for them as they transition to our half way home and begin apprentiships

4th Pray for me that, as I attend church today and take my sabbath day of rest, I will feel encouraged and restored and ready for another week.

5th Pray for Bassa, the area where our girls are. There has been a lot of fighting recently between neighbouring tribes and the area is tense. It has affected us, as most of our construction people are of the opposing tribe and cannot work for us anymore there.

6th Pray for Aqua who can no longer finish the project for us. His life is in danger if he should come to site. He is feeling it and it’s so unfair.

Pray for Musa, one of our Gyero staff who has been transferred to cover so we can get finished.

7th We wish to appoint a principal for the school and she is off the wrong tribe too (!!),even though she has lived and worked in the area for years. Pray that, if she is to be our principal, God will make a way where there seems no way for now. We believe she is the right lady for the job with lots of experience.

8th Pray for the tension in the town to die down as community and church leaders meet to try and bring peace. Pray for listening ears and for God to intervene.

9th Pray for our girls, that they will be safe and not affected by the tensions around them. Pray for Aunty Eli, our centre leader, as she speaks on behalf of the centre that the stress will not be overwhelming.

10th Pray for me as I drive in and out and am very much feeling I am being watched ! I am not in danger but feel quite uncomfortable and discouraged and also under attack spiritually.

11th Pray for churches in Bassa to embrace unity and preach peace to their members. Pray for Christians to live holy lives and live out Biblical truth.

12th Praise The Lord we have received enough money to complete the building project; enough so we can move in and begin using the building in September J God is amazing and we are so grateful for this provision.

13th There is a lot to do before school starts. Pray for me as I co- ordinate builders and manage the money to get the project completed by the start date of 16th September.

14th Pray for Fransisca as she has started an MA course in Educational administration and planning at the local uni. It means she is gone for  three days a week , and this is a very busy time for us. Pray for good health for her and success in her studies (till next May)

15th Pray for Zainab as she has re started her studies at the university after a few weeks break. Pray for her as the studies are intense and the challenges are high. Pray she will stay strong in her faith and in what she has been taught.

16th Pray for Adonai as she is now being fostered and is attending the seminary to do a degree. She started last week and will be living in the hostel. Pray she will thrive there and make good friends and enjoy her studies.

17th Pray for the girls in the Halfway Home. Alheri and Miracle are working in the market until they get into uni, hopefully in January. Janet is doing a hair dressing apprentiship. Nendrunwa, Patience, Fine and Nkiru are joining them .

18th Pray for Mama and Baba Sati as they are houseparents to these big girls. Pray for me as I start doing weekly Bible Study with them that I may teach well and we will all learn much together.

19th Our girls are embarking on community service in their community and beyond as they reach out to those in IDP camps near us this week. Pray they will shine as lights in the darkness and encourage many.

20th Pray for Mama Mary and Mama Christy as they take their leave this summer, that they may be refreshed and renewed and strengthened to begin work again soon.

21st Pray for me to find a new prayer partner as Rachel has left now with her family to settle in UK. I miss her and the family a lot. Pray God will bring new friends my way.

22nd Pray for our animal production. We are having difficulties with our rabbits; they keep dying on us and not having babies. Pray we will be able to figure out the problem asap.

23rd Pray for our girls today as they visit an IDP camp and encourage the kids and share their lives with them. May it impact them and make them realise how much they have

and be grateful to God.

24th Pray for our Boys’ Transition House as they will be moving to a new location soon and we have a new secondary school starting for them too. Pray for all involved in setting up a new place.

25th Pray for Elisha as he continues to lead Kings Kids. We are trying to re-organise and move people around which is not always easy. Pray for wisdom for him.

26th Pray that our building work will be completed by now and I can start arranging furniture for the classrooms etc. This is a big task but an amazing one. Praise The Lord we have nearly finished J

27th Pray for our girls this week as they organise sports for the Girls and Boys Brigades from the church. Pray they will have a lot of fun and they will be and encouragement to others

28th Pray for Fransisca and I as we plan for staff training next week for all of the teachers in our ministry. Pray for receptive hearts and retentive memories of all involved.

29th Pray for our farm. We have had a lot of very heavy rain and the ground is very waterlogged. Pray the maize survives and we will have a good harvest this year.

30th Pray for peace to reign between the rival tribes and an end to senseless killings over land disputes on the Plateau.

31st Pray that I will be thankful and full of joy at what God has enabled us to achieve, not discouraged and overwhelmed.

We serve an awesome God who can make a way where there seems no way J

Thanks For standing with us in Prayer . The battle is strong but the enemy is already defeated !!  PTL


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