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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                             July 2018    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days








2nd Today is my Birthday J

Help me Praise God for another year of life and service for Him here in Nigeria.

3rd This past week has been full of insecurity. Many people killed in villages on the Plateau by Fulani herdsman. Little support from authority leads to frustration and people taking justice into their own hands.  Pray for peace and calm.

4th Pray for all those fighting to have their eyes opened to whom they are fighting, Children of God. Pray they will be frustrated in their efforts to wipe out communities and take over land for Islam.

5th Pray for all those mourning the loss of husbands, wives and many children have been killed. Pray for all those who are now orphaned to get the help they need.

6th Pray for wisdom and good leadership from our governor as he seeks solutions. Pray Christians will be prayerful and not revengeful. Pray for a good response from the president to encourage people.

7th Pray for us missionaries, aliens in a foreign land, trying to make sense of what we see and hear. Pray for our safety and for us to be an encouragement to the people we serve. Pray for God to show us how and where to help.

8th Today an answer to prayer… Richard is arriving to help with the building project for a couple of weeks. This is a huge answer to prayer.

9th Another answer to prayer. I have received a generous grant from a foundation in USA to cover the costs of our first phase of our school project. A totally new donor which is so miraculous J the girls are so excited to see their prayers answered.

10th Another answer to prayer. All our worms have gone and the maize is looking much better. But the rain and winds have been so heavy recently and we are a bit waterlogged! and some of our trees have gone…

Farming here is a big challenge; weather is unpredictable.

11th An advertisement has gone out to find good teachers. Pray, please, that we find the right ones to apply who will be ministry minded and work hard.

12th Pray for Faith Ayuba who assaulted one of our staff last week and had to be moved from Bassa. We are taking her for deliverance prayers as we are seeing some strange manifestations. Pray for her and for lots of wisdom for us. She is in Gyero for now.

13th A number of our girls have had stomach sickness/ ulcers developing recently leaving them quite sick. Pray for wisdom for our nurse to get the girls the help they need and further investigations done. Godiya and Nkiru especially.

14th Pray for Aunty Elizabeth as she leads the centre. She is doing a great job but there are a lot of day to day issues to sort out. Pray for wisdom and physical strength for her.

15th Pray for CAN          (Christians Association of Nigeria) as they represent Christians from all denominations. Pray for strength and wisdom and discernment as they seek to speak out for believers in parliament.

16th Pray for our building work which is moving on but slowly! We have pillars in place for the upstairs and need to start work on the decking so we can begin to use the downstairs by September. Pray we won’t be hampered by too much rain.

17th Pray for Fransisca and I as we are working on the registration process of our “Integrity High School”. There is a lot of formality and frustration to work through. Pray for us as we also prepare for our summer school.

18th Adonai, Alherei and Miracle graduate high school today. J

They are all delightful young ladies who have worked hard. Pray God will lead them as they explore the next steps for their lives.

19th Pray for me as I am writing a curriculum to set up our vocational programme to run in the school. Pray that, as we timetable everything, it will all work out. Pray for Mama Mary and Mama Christie as they will be teaching on it everyday as well as parenting.

20th Pray for our summer service project that, whatever we end up doing, the girls will have their eyes opened and their faith strengthened by helping others. We will do something with the many IDPs in our area.

21st Girls have broken up for summer now. Pray for rest and fun as well for time to welcome younger sisters from Gyero joining us.

22nd Pray for Elisha as he leads the ministry in place of Peter and Rev Ayuba, both on leave. He needs physical strength and wisdom for the day to day challenges.

23rd We begin a summer school of maths instruction today. Our girls all struggle with maths and so we want to dedicate time this summer to teach them ourselves. Pray for Fransisca as she leads this.

24th Pray the girls will have all negative ideas about maths gone by the end of four weeks. Pray they will enjoy the time and build their confidence. Pray for me as maths is not my strength as I help teach too !!

25th Pray for preparations to go well for our school. We need to have furniture made, windows, doors etc as well as understanding the national curriculum and training teachers.

26th Pray for the short-term missionaries who have been here for a couple of months, as they leave to go back to university. Pray God will lead them as they process their time here and pray about what is next.

27th We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Melissa and the Hauan family who are joining us long term. Pray for them as they complete their fund raising.

28th Pray for energy, supernatural strength and stamina for me and Fransisca as we juggle teaching summer school, running service projects and setting up the new school. J Never a dull moment!!!!

29th Pray for a day of spiritual refreshment for me today. Pray I will continue to focus on the big picture and not get overwhelmed by all the challenges.

30th Pray for this second week of maths teaching to go well.  Pray everyone will be enthusiastic to improve.

31st Pray for funding to continue to come in so that we can continue with our plans for the second phase when the rains are finished. Praise the Lord with us for his many miracles so far. Our faith is strengthened and we eagerly await more.





1st Pray for the security of our churches today in Plateau State amidst numerous threats of trouble. Pray all will be able to worship God in safety. There has been much bloodshed this past week.


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