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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                              October 2017    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days








2nd   The start of a new month! PTL for his faithfulness and for his continued provision. We have received a big donation which will enable us to complete all of the things we want to do to finish our new home.  I am so thankful J


3rd We are now up to 40 girls!

Two girls have come back to us from broken-down fostering situations, and one has transferred from another orphanage, because they are not set up to manage teenagers.

Rejoice1, Rejoice2 and Abigail. Pray for them as they settle in.

4th Pray especially for Rejoice1 who has experienced abuse and is pretty traumatised. Pray she will feel secure at night and is able to receive the love from her sisters she needs. Pray for the staff to be understanding to her attention-seeking behaviour.

5th Pray for Abigail who has been accused of stealing. She is devastated and is struggling to deal with the lies told about her. Pray for discernment for us as we seek to find out the truth.

6th Today we have our annual visit from the Texas team J

We are excited to show them our new home as they were the ones a year ago who helped us to dedicate the land . . . . and now we have moved in. It is miraculous J

7th Aunty Jana one of the team has been our major benefactor and she is coming to see our new home. Pray that God will Bless her mightily and encourage her while she is here. Thank God for her life.

8th Pray for the Christians in Nigeria as they go to church today. Pray that they may live out what they learn and make a difference in this country, particularly those of whom who are in Government.

9th Pray for our search for suitable House Parents. We have had a few applications, but as of yet we still have not appointed anyone. We want the right people and we need God to connect us to them.

10th Pray for Aunty Elizabeth as she does a double role of centre leader and houseparent. The pressure is high and her family doesn’t get to see her too much, which is not ideal. Pray for patience for her until house parents are appointed.

11th Pray for the Texas team as they go into the prison, the brothels and motor parks this week sharing the gospel. Pray for their protection as they travel around. Pray many will respond and accept Christ.

12th Pray for the girls as they prepare to sing, do drama and give testimonies on Saturday in front of lots of people. May they be able to communicate well and glorify God in the process.

13th Pray for Richard as he travels today to attend our dedication tomorrow. PTL for his life and help in our ministry previously and his ongoing support. May this be a time of much encouragement for him.

14th Today we dedicate and give thanks for the new home for our girls. Pray the gathering will be well-supported and honouring to God !!!!!!

15th Pray for continued protection on the roads as we drive. So many people are killed in accidents.


16th Today is my day with the vocational girls. Pray as we work in our garden and do life skills together that we will all learn from each other and have fun. There are six of them; Teiyei, Janet, Gloria, Mary, Faith and Hannatu for now.

17th Pray for Hannatu as we consider sending her out for apprentiship now she is more mature. This is a risk, as the last time we tried, she ended up following boys to their homes!!

She is very keen to learn to use a knitting machine.

18th There are various ladies serving in our ministry who are teaching these girls. Pray the girls will gain a lot from the different perspectives. Pray for Aunty Jess, as she is there a lot and it’s tiring.

19th Pray for our Discipleship/Bible Study groups today. I have a group of 7 as do 5 other ladies. We are studying the book of James as we encourage the girls to go deeper in their faith. I love doing small group teaching J

20th Pray for me today as I will have slept over in Bassa last night and the 4am starts are very tiring when you have to function the next day . . . but it is worth it to interact with the girls in a relaxed environment. Pray for stamina on Fridays.

21st Pray for Fransisca as she takes a month’s leave from today. Her brother is getting married, so she will travel. Pray for protection for her on the road, for rest and that her family will not add pressure for her to return to Lagos.

22nd Pray for us as we fix up the rented house in DU before we hand it over to the owners.

This was a gift from God for us for five years and we need to leave it in good order.

23rd I have been re- focussing lately on what is my role in City Ministries as I was doing too much while Peter was away. I have relinquished a lot of my roles to him, pray I can leave them with him and only carry what I am supposed to, so my joy is not robbed and that my stress reduces

24th Pray I will continue to manage the project to completion. We are starting to think through the next phases, farming and building of the vocational training centre. There is much to do and we need God’s wisdom and to work to His timing.

25th There is a man coming from Bridgnorth Baptist to train us in sustainable farming techniques next month. Ian is a farmer in UK who has recently been to Zambia for training.  PTL he is willing to come and pray for his visa and preparations.

26th Pray for our older girls who have finished their secondary education and are awaiting entrance to higher education; Rose, Zainab and Godiya have all been promised scholarships to a private Uni. Please pray they come through and that they can go soon.

27th Pray for Rebecca as she continues to live with Fransisca and sew in our widows ministry. She wants to study part time at the Polytechnic. Pray that, if this is God’s will for her, her application will be successful.

28th Pray for Faith Daniel who is suffering from a bladder problem which is causing her problems now she is at secondary school. Pray the school will be understanding to her needs, and that we can help her as best as we can.

29th Pray for me as I attend church today that I will clearly hear God speak to me. Pray I will enjoy a Sabbath Day’s rest after all the visitors are gone.


30th Pray for Tumin and Faith as they are repeating a year at school. Pray that they will study well and that they will be able to concentrate better in their new environment.


31st Pray for us as we harvest our maize and sweet potatoes, that we will have a good crop. We will be considering what next to plant, as the rains are nearly gone now. Pray that I can find a good farming team to advise and help.







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