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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                              August 2017    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days









1st This week we are running a CAMP for our junior kids in the ministry. There will be around 150, and the TH Girls and I will be teaching on the topic of Faith.

2nd Pray for our BIG GIRLS as they prepare and teach that they will be challenged regarding their faith. Pray for attentive hearts in the younger kids and lots of fun.

3rd Pray for GOOD WEATHER; we are well into the rainy season, but we wish to be playing sports tournaments and team games 2 – 4, ideally in the dry.

4th Pray for the NEW STAFF who are coming to Gyero as they prepare. Pray for Mama Mary as she is transferred to Du and also for the kids who will be moving between centres.

5th Praise God for the friends from Pennsylvania who have sponsored our camp. They travel back on Sunday; pray they will be forever impacted by our ministry, for God’s glory.

6th Pray for the CORPERS serving for a year with the ministry. Praise God for great attitudes so far and pray they will be forever changed as a result of being with us.

7th Our building work is going on. This week we hope to have the plaster on the inside finished and the ceiling started. The dining room and kitchen should be getting a roof, too. Pray that all goes according to plan

8th Pray that we have enough money to get this first phase to a stage where we can move in. We are on target for a move at the beginning of September.

9th Pray for me as I manage the project. It is quite stressful at times, managing people, money and resources in a cross cultural setting. This is all new for me.

10th We are still looking for House Parents and the need is critical. Pray that the right people will be found in time for us to move. PRAY, PRAY PRAY on this issue please.

11th Praise God for the many creative ways people have been raising money for us. Pray they will remember to pray, too. Pray for bids in that they may still yield fruit for us.

12th Pray for a good harvest of our crops. It has been a challenge while we are not on site, but hopefully we will yield somethings to help feed ourselves.

13th Pray for us to find good schools for the girls to go to in Bassa. May we be guided to the ones where God wants our girls to be shining lights in the community.

14th Pray for MAMA MARY as we transfer her from Gyero to be a house parent in Bassa. She will move temporarily to Du. Pray she will jump right in and quickly gel with the girls as Fransisca moves out.


15th Pray for those of our Du girls who will be RECONCILED back to family members this summer after many years with us; Rose, Godiya, Elizabeth Simon and Mary. Pray God will bless them and make them shine in their new communities. May they continue in their faith and make good choices.

16th Pray for REBECCA and BLESSING, as they move to live with Fransisca as a half way home as they work and learn to be independent. Pray for their wider family to contribute as promised to their feeding.

17th Pray for the offer of scholarships to a private university for six girls to become a reality. They have done really well in their exams and deserve to be given a chance to go further in their studies.

18th Pray for the girls preparing to move from their familiar setting at Du. They will be leaving their school friends behind and having to start again. Pray, too, for all the new girls coming up from Gyero that they will be quickly absorbed and will all gel together.

19th Pray for the House Parents we believe God has found for us. Pray they will love and understand teenage girls and have a real calling to seek to help them to become independent young ladies.

20th Pray for Faith and Hannatu that they will get along well despite their learning difficulties which sometimes leads to challenging behaviour. Pray they will have a desire to learn and go deeper in their faith.

21st Pray for MIRIAM FRETHEIM who arrived back on the 4th. She has left behind three daughters in the USA and a mother who is terminally ill L Pray that God will sustain her and give her joy despite the challenges.

22nd Pray for JESS as she continues with Hausa learning and ministry, that she will enjoy her work and see the effect she is having on the kids. Praise God for her service. Pray I will be able to give the time to mentor her well.

23rd Our graduating boys have moved into their half way home this month. Pray this experiment will work well and they will be able to exit out into their communities better as a result.

24th Pray that I may be able to have wisdom on how to manage my many responsibilities until Peter gets back at the end of the month.  It is quite stressful at times and hard to know where to direct my energy.

25th Pray for our staff as they undergo a review for the first time. Pray that they will be able to self-analyse well and set realistic goals for improvement.

26th Pray for SIM Nigeria as we continue to recruit people to go and join the team in the North. Pray for all those in the pipeline for our ministry that they will actually arrive to help us soon.

27th Pray for several of our missionaries who are sick and as a result are not here. Pray for our protection from spiritual attacks on our health as the gospel goes forward.

28th Pray we will be able to start to get the new buildings ready for occupation in the next few days. There are many things to buy and much to organise.

29th Pray for Fransisca and Aunty Elizabeth as they adjust to their responsibilities and pray that I will be able to delegate well.

30th Pray for the changeover of boys to different centres this week, and that they will quickly settle in and gel.

31st Praise The Lord for his miracles in helping us to get thus far. For providing constantly for us and for his continued protection.





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