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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                            September  2018    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days













1st PTL for the beginning of another month! I have survived the huge workload this last month and have seen God’s provision and protection over my life. I am thankful.

2nd Pray for all the pastors ministering to hurting congregations as a result of tribal killings and unrest. The scale of devastation is huge in some areas.

3rd PTL! We have hired 4 teachers for our new school and we begin training today J

Please pray they will be hard working and enthusiastic and will catch the vision of what we are trying to achieve.

Joel, Caleb, Jerry and Ine

4th We are calling our school Integrity High School. As the name suggests, this will be our ethos. Pray that this will be felt and modelled by everyone concerned and that the kids pick this up as their ethos too.

Gaylynn finishes her radiotherapy today J and will soon be back, PTL.

5th We have received ten new girls from Gyero this week. Pray they will settle well and cope with the readjustments needed. We are now full to capacity!!! Pray for the house parents to adjust, too J

6th Jennifer, Janet, Happiness and Prisca will go into secondary school. Joy, Lovelin, Mamaki and Happiness will go into our vocational programme. Grace and Patience will just be with us for holidays as they are at boarding school on scholarship.

7th Pray for our building project. We have been having quite a few problems and are much behind schedule. Pray the concrete to set well despite the rain. Pray we will get the remaining funds to continue with the second storey before we get leaks.

8th Pray for Aqua, our builder and foreman. The Carpenter and Iron Bender as they have been working so hard to get a good result. Pray they will not be discouraged and will continue to work hard as a team until we finish.

9th PTL !! Peter Fretheim returns today, and can begin sharing the load of the ministry with me again J  Pray for his family in USA left behind.  Miriam will be coming in another month J

10th Today, all of our teachers will meet with the teachers from Cornerstone Academy, our primary school, for child protection training. Pray they will enjoy interacting together and will learn this important information.

11th Pray for me as I assimilate the recent security training we had from SIM International. Pray I will operate from a position of trust, but be very much situationally aware. I do not want to live in fear, but need to be wise in the country I live in.

12th Pray for Miracle who joined us a few months ago after abuse. She has just graduated from school and her long lost brother has just contacted us looking for her. She has been praying so much for him and God has hears!!! Pray they will get to reunite soon.

13th Pray for Adonai and Alheri as they are both about to learn a skill to help them provide for themselves while at university next year. They both did really well in their recent exams.

14th Pray for Rejoice Samuel who has been showing a lot of attention-seeking behaviour recently. Pray we will know how to respond sensitively to her and help her see for herself how she is coming across to others.

15th Our new missionary family are here! J Pray they will settle well and that they will quickly love our kids and ministry as they serve alongside us. Patrick, Kayla and Zoe from USA.  Pray for Melissa as she continues to raise her support to come here. We need her urgently.

16th Pray for all the widows we met when we did camp for their children; around 120, all displaced. Many have lost their homes as well as their husbands. They are in dire need as they look after their children.

17th School starts properly today. We are starting teaching inside our house as the building is not ready yet. Pray the girls will respond well to the new routines and subjects and teachers and will love the small classes.

18th The Texas team leave for Nigeria today; pray they will have a safe journey and that they will reach many with the gospel while they are here for two weeks.  PTL that Gaylynn has finished her treatment and is travelling back with them J

19th Pray for our new house parent, Christy, as she adjusts to a structured lifestyle. She will be teaching tailoring in our school. Pray she will be reliable and will rise to the challenge well.

20th Pray for Aunty Eli as she continues to oversee the day to day running of the centre. She is doing a great job but the challenge dealing with 48 teenage girls is great. Pray she will remain physically strong.

21st Mama Mary will be teaching Maths and English to the vocational girls every day. Pray for her. Pray she will see lots of progress with these girls, some of whom do not even know their alphabet.

22nd Pray for Fransisca. She and I are taking the Principal role of the school for this year between us!  PTL I have her and we are of one mind.

She is wishing to go to Uni next year to get her MA in Education. Pray she will be accepted in Jos.

23rd   Pray for an end to all the Fulani attacks around Jos. They are still going on, and so many people have lost their homes and loved ones; the authorities seem not to be able to stop it.

24th PTL we have managed to get some more of our girls sponsored. Pray we will be able to achieve our target of getting sponsorship for all of them by this time next year so that we can provide well for them with regular monthly income.

25th Pray for our leaders at Boys TH that they will step up and inspire the boys to do well. Pray they will work hard and have wisdom to know what God wants for these boys.  There are many challenges with 70 teenage boys.

26th Pray for me that I continue to maintain a good balance in my work load and off time. There is much to do and it’s difficult to juggle everything at times.

27th Pray for Hannatu. We have had to stop her going for an apprenticeship again as she is wandering into people’s houses!! Pray she will learn how dangerous this can be.

She is 21 years old, but mentally around 12 and has no boundaries.


28th Pray for safety as I drive on the roads. The road to Bassa is more a mass of potholes than a road and is very bumpy. Pray my body and my car will not suffer too much.

29th    Pray for funding to come in to enable us to keep building as the rains should come to an end soon, and it’s best to build in the dry season.  We have planted a lot of tomatoes in our orchard. Pray they will bring forth a good harvest in time for the Christmas markets.

30th   Pray for me to have a good Sabbath day of rest today. Pray I will be able to reflect on all God has done this last month and be thankful. He is a miracle working God J


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