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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                              December 2017    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days








4th Today Farmer Ian is on his way back to the UK. He has enthused and trained us and helped us to plan what we will do on our farm to get the most out of the land God has given us. PTL for his visit and pray he will return soon.


5th Pray for Alex and Talatu as they continue to manage the farm at the Girls TH in Bassa. Pray for our compost heaps to decompose well so we can replenish the soil to give us more yields next rainy season.

6th Pray for the funding to come in that we need to buy the bulk grains to feed the children next year. Hopefully this will begin to decrease as all our centres try and grow some of these grains.

7th Pray for our girls as they are undergoing exams in their school this week. This is a new school and they are nervous about the outcomes. Pray they will get the grades they deserve and for the teachers to not show favouritism.

8th Pray for us as we interact with two widows who are potential candidates for our houseparent position. I am going to do informal interviews out in Bassa. Please pray for discernment so we will know God’s person for the job.

9th Praise the Lord for our staff team in Bassa. The Pastor’s wife who is now volunteering; Talatu our neighbour oversees the farm; Isti our security guard; Mary as houseparent for seniors; Ruth running the operations and Elizabeth as centre leader.

10th Pray for a group of around 2,000 Fulani converts we are supporting in the north of the country, as they seek to worship God amongst a lot of opposition. Many are being physically attacked by their families and have lost all their cattle.

11th Pray for the purchase of the Christmas Clothes for the children this week. It is a huge task for the leaders to undertake especially in the larger, centres. Pray for safety in the markets and in travel.

12th Pray for the ongoing building work in Bassa. We are just finishing a security wall and will soon begin painting inside when some of the girls travel, now the buildings have dried out. We are thankful to be able to do these things to preserve the building for years to come.

13th Pray for those girls who have left us, but who are still part of our wider family as they celebrate in their new circumstances: Rose, Elizabeth, Godiya, Mary, Miriam, Elizabeth, Alheri, Rebecca and Blessing.

14th Pray for good health for the children as the colder weather comes in. It is particularly windy in Bassa and the girls are feeling the cold.

15th Schools break up for the Christmas holidays today. Pray that the girls will have good results and that they will continue to be lights in the darkness amongst their peers.

16th Today is our staff Christmas Party. The annual gathering of all the staff and their families to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next. Pray for all the logistics involved and for renewed fellowship and fun.

17th We will have our Christmas Party today in Bassa. Pray for the girls to have a good time and for those we invite to be blessed.

Alheri, one of older girls, graduates today from teachers training college. Pray for her future options.

18th Mama Mary and Elizabeth will take their leave through this holiday. Pray for refreshment for them and lots of energy for Ruth, Fransisca and myself as we cover for them.

19th Pray for the staff who will be working the holidays, in Gyero particularly. Pray for renewed strength for them and that God would provide them with lots of visitors and provisions to enjoy themselves. Pray for safety in Gyero as many Fulani, with their cattle, are around.

20th Pray for the children in the ministry who will want to be travelling to visit family and for those left behind to feel loved and wanted. Pray for safety as they travel and as they live with family members, particularly the older girls who are at risk.

21st We want to do some carol singing around our new area and hand out cookies. Pray this will go well and that we will achieve our aim, to bring some Christian cheer and witness to people and to get to know our community.

22nd Pray for safety over this period. For peace and for threats of petrol strikes and armed robberies and suicide bombers not come to pass to disrupt Christians celebrating the birth of Christ.

23rd We aim to run a Christmas Party for the children in the ECWA Church the girls attend this weekend. Pray we will achieve this and the children will be blessed as a result.

24th I will be spending Christmas out in Bassa this year as we celebrate our first Christmas in our new home J Pray for a great time with the remaining girls as we celebrate together.




Happy Christmas to you all from all of us here in Jos.

26th Pray for the reality of Christmas, the miraculous provision of a Saviour, not be lost in all the celebrations. Pray that the girls will be able to be witnesses where they go and stay and be able to testify about God’s miraculous ways.

27th Pray that I will get some much needed rest over the next few days and be able to re-charge my batteries. 

28th Pray for a good time of reflection and thanksgiving as the year comes to a close. It has been a busy and amazing year and I want to take time to Praise The Lord for his faithfulness and provision.

29th Pray for protection from spiritual attacks as I rest. Pray for time with good friends, lots of encouragement and fun.

Pray for renewed energy and vision and joy.

30th Pray for Rejoice to have a good positive time this holidays. Pray that her healing will continue and that her reliance on God deepens.

31st    As we reflect on all of the miraculous answers to prayer this year, we are very thankful to God and to all of you for praying with us throughout the year. Let’s keep going as we go into 2018.


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