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Deacons & Ministry Streams

Here at Gateway we apply the name Deacon to the members of our team of men and women who are set apart by the Church Family to be the practical executors of the church’s vision.

We have divided all the work of the church in to Ministry Streams (listed here ), each headed by one of the deacons.

Each Stream seeks to provide opportunities for GBC members to explore their gifts and talents in service and to offer different ways in which church members can help fulfill the church’s vision.


Headed by Pauline Draper


Children are full of energy and have brains like sponges. They learn best when presented with activities in a fun and varied way. At Gateway we give them the opportunity to do this within our three age-appropriate Trekkers groups. Through these groups, we aim to share God’s love and His word, and encourage the children to learn more about Jesus’ saving grace.


Currently shared by the team


The teenage years are a turbulant time but support is at hand in the form of TSYFriday, a chance to chill out after a tough week of school; HUG a chilled environment covering relevant topics; and Sprite a deeper look into God's work and how it applies to our lives.


Currently shared by the team


The finances of the church equip and enable all the ministry streams of the church to function. We are completely self-suporting through the sacrificial giving of our own membership and, to that end, are able fund all our activities.

Members are encouraged to take their financial commitment to the church seriously, although what each member chooses to give is a wholly private affair and no pressure is brought to bear on members.

Through our finances, we are also able to bless the local community from time to time as we support charities and good causes close to home.

We also seek to respond to international needs and from time to time release funds to help causes such as disaster relief.

World Mission

Currently shared by the team


Jesus Christ said, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Our World Mission ministry stream seeks to encourage church members to both support and, where possible, to be actively involved in making Jesus Christ known to the world.

Here at GBC we are committed to world mission.  Various members are actively involved in work in Brazil, Nigeria, Democratic Repulbic of Congo and The Philippines. We also support a number of outside mission agencies who are working in other countries.


Headed by Steve Golding


The Fabric Ministry is a practical work that seeks to both maintain the church buildings for the many uses they are put to, as well as to seek how to enhance and improve the facilities in order to further encourage various activities on site.

Fabric is also evangelistic.  By seeking the well-being and comfort of visitors it is hoped they will be better encouraged to make a return visit to us.


Headed by Linda Mayne


Worship is about bringing honour and glory to God. This, of course, is a complete lifelong commitment involving every moment of our lives.  However, as a community, we are able to give greatest expression to this when we meet on Sundays, together.

We seek to have various expressions of worship as we strive to ensure that all have the freedom and abiltiy to worship God. As well as our regular musicians, who ably lead us each Sunday, we have a choir, formed in the closing months of 2006, which has had a very positive impact upon the town of Burgess Hill.

Social Action

Headed by Sharon Benefer


When Christ walked this earth he both preached the good news about knowing God and met needs in very practical ways. Social action is sometimes about showing God's care to people at a point of need. This can be offering support to a local residents group fighting a local authority plan which would demolish their homes or helping parents of children with special needs find their way through the jungle of red tape surrounding provision for these children.

Social Action is also about speaking out. The church is called to have a prophetic voice and we encourage our members to be active in writing to the local and regional councils as well as lobbying our MPs on various issues of concern to us and to the community.

Jesus sought to care for those in need and to speak out against injustice. He had a social heart and he calls us to follow him in proclaiming good news to our community. Our new but expanding Social Action ministry stream is seeking to encourage the church in responding to those in need in our local community.


Currently shared by the team


It is our desire and our vision from God to make Jesus Christ known across the town of Burgess Hill and the outlying villages to the south. This is undertaken through our weekly ‘Reachout’ groups, our various other church activities, sometimes as a whole-church project and also in partnership with the other churches in town. All this work is co-ordinated through our Deacon for Evangelism.

Pastoral Care

Headed by Annette Groves


The title 'Pastor' is given to the person whose primary role is, in Biblical terms, to 'care for the flock'.  However, although we apply that title to the one particular individual who is the figurehead at GBC, that doesn't mean we believe he is the only one carrying the task.  As a Christian fellowship, we believe we all have a part to play in this.  Our pastoral care deacon oversees a team who are the 'first line of defence' and will aim to try to ensure that no one with a need goes without the appropriate care.

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