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Our Statement of Faith

We believe that the earth, the universe and all things, were created1 by the one true God,2  who has always existed and who will always exist3, and that God has revealed himself to all mankind through what has been created.4

We believe that God has revealed himself further by causing and inspiring5 the Bible to be written in order that all mankind can know about him.  The Bible records many of God's actions and words in order that we can understand our relationship to him and how he expects us to live.6 By this we understand God to be sovereign,7 holy,8 all knowing,9 faultless,10 loving,11 just,12 and worthy of all honour.13

We believe
the Bible reveals that God created mankind in order to have an intimate and loving relationship with us14 but we have all chosen to turn away from him15. In so doing we have broken this relationship.16 The result is that we have incurred God's holy anger and judgment,17 the penalty for which is death and eternal separation from God.18

We believe
that God has done everything necessary to restore this relationship.19 He has come to earth in the person of his Son, Jesus, being born to a virgin20 and living as a man who was tempted as we are but who, unlike us, chose not to sin.21 Fully human and fully God, he died on a cross as a substitute for us, taking upon himself the punishment for our sin. 22

We believe
that Jesus was raised back to life23 and was seen by his followers,24 after which he ascended into heaven in bodily form.25  His sacrificial death has paid the price for our sin so that we can be reconciled to God,26 be freed from our guilt and have a new relationship with him.27

We believe
that all people can be reconciled to God, can know and experience his loving kindness by acknowledging our sinfulness, by turning back to him, by recognising what Jesus has done on our behalf and by genuinely asking for his forgiveness, and that there is no other way to a restored relationship with God.28 We believe that God graciously forgives and accepts us as we do this and gives us a fresh start by giving us a new spiritual 29 life which will be everlasting.30

We believe
that God has revealed himself as one God in three persons:31 God the Father,32 Son33 and Holy Spirit34;  that Holy Spirit God comes to live within those who believe and have been accepted by him so that we can be filled with his love and power35, be equipped36 so that we can freely worship him, in faith trust him, serving him and each other lovingly.37

We believe that, on a day known only to God the Father,38 Jesus will return to earth to fully establish his rule.39 He will judge all people, living and dead.40  He will separate out those who have chosen to reject God's offer of forgiveness and eternal life, and they will receive eternal punishment41.  He will gather those who have been made right with God, called his church, to be with him for ever in eternal joy.42

We believe that God has called all those who believe to be baptised by immersion in water43 and that he enables us to live out our new life in close association with other believers44 through worship, prayer and service,45 including regular participation in the symbolic meal of bread and wine called communion.46

We believe that God desires all peoples of every race and every other religion or belief system to turn back to him and believe in Jesus Christ47 and follow him.  We believe that he has given 'his church' the tasks of sharing with others the good news of his love and forgiveness48, and of teaching them49 everything the Bible reveals about the only true God.50

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